Let Honesty Cleaning Service, Treat Your Rental Properties With Care

Let Honesty Cleaning Service, Treat Your Rental Properties With Care

Hire an experienced apartment cleaning service in St. Louis, MO

When rental properties change hands, it's important to make sure the property is correctly cleaned and disinfected before a new tenant takes residence. The best way to do that is with an apartment cleaning service. Honesty Cleaning Service LLC can get your rental property in St. Louis, MO ready for a new tenant in no time. We'll clean your space from top to bottom, and we can also include our garage cleaning service by request.

Speak with our staff soon to take advantage of our apartment cleaning service.

What's included in our move-in and move-out service?

When a new tenant moves into a rental property, they expect a certain level of cleanliness. As a landlord, you need an apartment cleaning service that will get the job done right. Honesty Cleaning Service will clean your rental property from top to bottom by:

  • Vacuuming all the floors
  • Mopping any tile or vinyl floors
  • Cleaning all appliances
  • Disinfecting all bathrooms
  • Disinfecting the kitchen
  • Wiping down baseboards and door frames
  • Dusting

Every rental property will require slightly different services. For homes with a garage, we also offer our garage cleaning service. Call 314-696-3039 now to sign up for services for your properties in St. Louis, MO.